You can now contact us through WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the digital messaging service, is now used by a billion people every month and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added it as another way of contacting our confidential peer helpline.

We are always trying to remove any barrier that might be in the way of people contacting us. For a while now, we’ve seen WhatsApp grow as a free* and easy way for people to be in touch with each other.

So, we’ve set ourselves up on WhatsApp and we hope that it will make it easier for some people to send enquiries to us. It should certainly help those that normally pay to send text messages from their mobile.

You can use WhatsApp on your mobile to message us or call us. Our contact telephone number on WhatsApp is the same as the one you can use to text us – it’s 07824 113848.

For more information

  1. * Is WhatsApp really free? At the time of writing this, WhatsApp is free to use. Data charges may apply, although for those with use of WiFi or data bundles, use of WhatsApp will normally be covered by these and so be free to use.
  2. Find out more about how WhatsApp works.
  3. Find out more about the ways you can contact our helpline.
  4. As our helpline is run on limited charitable resources it can get extremely busy. You may be able to find the answer to your question on our self-help information hub, which has quick links to the key areas that we receive a lot of requests about.
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Doug Yarnton