What’s the best way to explain gaps in your CV?

It can be your worst nightmare when you’re sat in an interview and asked this question:

Can you explain this gap in your CV

People have gaps in their CV’s for a number of reasons, but for people with a criminal record, this often comes about because of time spent in prison or having lost a previous job due to getting conviction. There can be a tendency amongst employers to overlook a candidate who has periods of time without work, and sometimes the gap in your CV is what can introduce the employer to knowing about your criminal record.

This is something we get asked a lot about by people with convictions applying for jobs, so we’ve published some new information, explaining gaps in your CV as a result of a criminal conviction  which aims to set out the best ways of dealing with this issue either on a CV, on an application form or at an interview.

It’s important to remember that employers do worry about gaps in CV’s as they often think  it casts doubt over an applicant’s commitment to employment. If you can successfully dispel this doubt, by explaining the gap in a positive way, showing that you have the initiative and drive for the role, then you’ve gone a long way towards dealing with this element of the problem.

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Debbie Sadler