What do you do if you receive a conviction whilst in employment?

Most of our information around disclosing to employers looks at how to disclose details of an existing criminal record when you’re applying for work. However, what happens if you receive a caution or conviction when you’ve already got a job?

We’ve produced some new information on receiving a criminal record whilst you’re in employment, which looks at the consequences of receiving a criminal record whilst you’re working and whether you legally need to disclose it to your employer.

Irrespective of the legal position, it may be that you’ll need to look at other factors which may affect whether you disclose to your employer or not. For example:-

  • If there’s been any publicity about your case, you may need to weigh up the chances of your employer finding out about it.
  • If your conviction led to any restrictions, i.e. you may be prevented from going to certain places or working with certain people.
  • If the disposal you receive affects your ability to do your job, i.e. if you’ve lost your driving licence and your job involves driving.
Have a look at our receiving a criminal record whilst you’re in employment page, which features an interesting personal experience and some recent case law.

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Debbie Sadler