Were the effects of accepting a caution explained to you? Send us a copy of what you were given

Our helpline receives enquiries every day from individuals who have accepted cautions without feeling like they understand the effects of it.

The Home Office guidance on cautions states that ‘the significance of the admission of guilt in agreeing to accept a caution must be fully and clearly explained to the individual before they are cautioned.’

However, different police forces give different guidance and have different forms in place.

We’re interested in seeing copies of cautions that people have accepted in the last two years. This will give us a good idea of the type of written information people were given before they signed to accept the caution.

So, if you’ve received a caution from the police in the last two years and have a copy of what you were given at the time, please send us a copy. We don’t need your personal details, so feel free to blank these out. Send the details to casework@unlock.org.uk.

You can attach a copy of your caution (and any other information you were given) as an image or a PDF to the email, or you can send us a copy in the post (please don’t send originals).

There’s no particular deadline to this, but if you could send us copies by Friday 17th June, we’ll review the ones we’ve received at that point.

Thanks for your support.

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Debbie Sadler