The header of the site has links to the main areas. These are explained in more detail below.

There is also a search facility that is available on the home page and on most other pages. When you start typing in the search box, it should (depending on your browser) provide a list of potentially relevant pages. You can either click one of these, or hit the search button to get a page of search results.

The site also supports ‘breadcrumbs’. This means that,  particularly when you’re navigating your way around the information sections, above the title of each page there is a series of links which shows you whereabouts on the site you are. You can click on these to take you to that section, which can be useful when navigating around the site.

You might see a number of phrases and acronyms used on this site. We try to explain their meaning wherever we mention them, but we also have a list of definitions and acronyms.

Main areas of the site

Home page

The home page is made up of four key components;

  1. Search facility – When you start typing in the search box, it should (depending on your browser) provide a list of potentially relevant information pages. You can either click one of these, or hit the search button to get a page of search results.
  2. Latest updates – The most recent updates are listed, with links for more information (see below for more details about the latest update)
  3. Quick links – A summary of the ‘quick links‘ are available from the home page
  4. Information sections – A list of all of the information sections are available from the bottom of the home page


This section is the main part of the site. The full index contains a list of the topics that we cover on the site. The topics mainly relate to specific areas of life that a criminal record can impact on. It is broken down into different pages which cover specific topics, such as the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and disclosing to employers.

For each topic, the page is split down into;

  • An ‘information’ section which has green boxes that pose general questions on the topic, and then provides links to other parts of the site where we have information, advice and useful resources related to that question.
  • An ‘advice’ section which has common advice that we give on the specific topic.
  • ‘frequently asked questions’ section which has common questions and answers about the specific topic – just click on the question and the answer should drop-down and display.
  • ‘useful links’ section which has links to useful organisations and websites relating specifically to that topic.

Quick links

This section is designed to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for. It contains the top six questions that we regularly receive, with quick links to where visitors can find answers to them.

Latest updates

This section provides details of the latest updates that we’ve made to the site. You can also sign up to receive updates by email so that you are sent the details of the updates as and when they happen.


The downloads section contains copies of resources that we’ve published as part of our practical information & advice. The content of these publications will be referred to and linked to in the relevant information sections, but this page brings all of the resources together so that they can be easily downloaded.

The downloads section also provides details of how to get hard copies of our materials, as well as guidelines on using our materials.

Contact theHelpline

This section provides details of how to contact our helpline, as well as frequently asked questions about contacting us.

Other areas of the site

  • About theInformationHub – This explains what the Information Hub is and how it’s run
  • User guide – This explains how to use the site, and provides a link to a list of definitions and acronyms
  • Feedback – This enables visitors can provide anonymous feedback on the site so that we can continue to improve it
  • Disclaimer – This explains how visitors should make use of the information that we provide
  • Terms of use – This explains the terms of use on which visitors may make use of this site
  • Data protection – This sets out how we handle personal information that is provided to us

Having difficulties?

If you have any questions about our information, or are having difficulty using the site, please contact us.


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