We’ve developed this section of the site to help raise awareness of the things you might need to know, depending on what stage you’re at with your criminal record.

As it’s new, we’re keen to get your thoughts. Let us know what you think of it and how it could be improved by emailing feedback@unlock.org.uk or completing our feedback form.

The seven stages

  1. If you’ve just received a caution
  2. If you’ve just received a conviction
  3. If you’re leaving prison
  4. If you’re on probation
  5. If you’ve got an unspent conviction
  6. If your conviction is spent
  7. If your caution/conviction is filtered



Useful tools

Have a look at our is it spent poster or use our disclosure calculator to work out when your conviction becomes spent.
Use our filtering flow chart to work out whether your caution/conviction is eligible for filtering.
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