Recently left prison and claimed Universal Credit? What do you think to the DWP’s guidance?

Last year the Department for Work and Pensions created some new guidance to help people leaving prison understand how to claim Universal Credit.

To look at how effective the guidance has been and to help the DWP improve future products, they’re looking for feedback.

We wanted to share this across our networks, so that people with direct experience of recently leaving prison and using the guidance can provide their feedback.

You can find a link to their online survey here; the closing date is Friday, 7th February 2020.

The first question in the survey asks “Which organisation do you work for?”. We suggest that if you’re responding on a personal basis you identify yourself as “an individual claimant”.

Whether you’ve seen the guidance or not, if you’ve recently left prison and have applied for Universal Credit, take some time to read through the guide and let the DWP have your thoughts – be they good or bad.

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Debbie Sadler