Opportunity – Are you affected by a criminal record from your youth? Opportunity to share your story with MP’s

As part of the Justice Committee inquiry into the disclosure of youth criminal records, we’re taking a small group of people to Westminster to share their personal stories with MP’s on the Committee. It’s a really good opportunity to make sure that the Committee hears from people with personal experience of living with a criminal record.

We’re looking for people who have received a criminal record in their youth and have been adversely affected by the current disclosure regime. The Committee’s focus is mainly on criminal records acquired in childhood (under 18) but it’s also shown an interest in criminal records acquired in early adulthood (ages 18-25). We’re looking to have some young adults in the group, as well as some older people who have been blocked from advancing their careers because of criminal records acquired as under 18’s or in their early adult life.

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Christopher Stacey