Royal Mail Group

The Royal Mail Group currently employs around 150,000 people in the UK and they have their own set of employment policies and regulations.

On application, the Royal Mail Group will require your consent to carry out a basic criminal record check as part of the recruitment process. There is also a list of ‘unspent’ criminal offences that are considered unacceptable in new employees. This list isn’t exhaustive, but includes:

  • Theft and all offences of dishonest appropriation (including going equipped to burgle, taking a vehicle without consent, handling stolen property, making-off without paying)
  • Fraud, forgery or counterfeiting offences (including benefit deception, traveling on public transport without paying)
  • Firearms and weapons offences (including possessing a sharp object in public, possession of a noxious gas)
  • Terrorism (other than certain conflict-related offences subject to the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement – these do not need to be declared during application and will be considered by applying the employers’ guidance issued by the Office of the First Minister & Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland)
  • Offences under the Postal Services Act 2000 and prior legislation
  • Arson
  • Supply or intent to supply any category of drugs or possession of category A drugs
  • Offences against the Justice System (including perjury, bribery, making false statements, contempt of court)
  • Offences against the person (including assault, causing grievous or actual bodily harm, battery, affray, racial or verbal harassment, making threats)
  • Sexual offences
  • Breaches of orders

This list of offences and further information regarding employment with the Royal Mail Group can be found on the Royal Mail site here.

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