Probation records


Probation records (often referred to a “Probation Subject Access Request”)

Issued by

Local Probation Trust


To see what information the Probation Trust hold on their records about you

What it contains

Any information or records which the Probation hold on their system about you. This may relate to pre-sentence reports, OASys assessments, parole dossier information and hostel reports

How to apply

Local Probation Trust

Who can apply for it

Only the person whom the information is relevant to can apply

Contact details

You can find a list of all the Probation Trusts here



How long it takes

Can take up to 40 working days

Where it is sent

To you only

Link to anonymous example


How to correct inaccurate information

You would need to write directly to the local Probation Trust outlining the areas which you take issue with. They would then assess this inaccuracy against any information you have provided them with and return their findings to you via letter.


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