International Child Protection Certificate (for working overseas)


International Child Protection Certificate

Issued by

ACPO Criminal Records Office


It is for UK nationals and residents that are working overseas. It is designed for organisations that are unable to get a Disclosure & Barring Service certificate, because these can only be done by organisations that are linked to a UK registered body that have access to a DBS check.

What it contains

It checks the PNC (E&W), Criminal History System (Scotland), Causeway (Northern Ireland).

It will contain all convictions and cautions, unless they have been stepped down, when the certificate will show “No Live Trace”.

It will also contain any pending prosecutions you may have.

How to apply

You can download the application form from the ACRO website.

Who can apply for it?

You as an individual apply for it. It gets sent back to you.



How long does it take

10 days.

Where is it sent

To you as an individual.

Other information

If an applicant for an ICPC is found to have a record indicating a sexual interest in children, the application will be referred to the NCA’s CEOP Command to deal with in line with usual operating procedures prior to any certificate being issued. At the moment, we have very little evidence about how this element works in practice.

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