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Here you’ll find links to various parts of this site where we have information and useful resources relating to specific types of offences.

I’ve got motoring convictions – what do I need to know about?

It’s important to know that motoring convictions often result in an endorsement on your licence. The changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act in 2014 did not affect motoring endorsements which still have a rehabilitation period of five years. More information relating to motoring offences can be found at:

I’ve got sexual convictions – what do I need to know about?

You’ll need to be aware of the impact of the Sex Offenders Register and any other ancillary orders that you may have been given. More information relating to sexual offences can be found at:



Here you’ll find some of the common advice we give on specific types of offences. This is based on what we’ve learnt as a charity, as well as the real-life experiences of people with convictions.

  • There are different things to consider, depending on the type of offence you have committed. For some specific offences, there are additional systems and processes in place, which is what this section tries to guide you through.



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