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Here you’ll find links to various parts of this site where we have information and useful resources relating to the sharing of criminal records.

How are criminal records shared?

There are many ways that criminal records can be shared. It could be for employment purposes, for risk assessments (in the case of people on MAPPA) or by the media after you’ve received a conviction. Useful links include:

Other than the police, are there any other organisations that may have access to details about my criminal record?

Yes. There are a wide range of organisations that can access certain parts of the Police National Computer for specific purposes agreed and approved by the PNC Information Access Panel. Useful links include:

Is there a way of dealing with the fact that my criminal record details can be read online?

If your convictions are spent, you may be able to try and get the website to remove the details, and/or get links from search results removed. Otherwise, there are ways of trying to counteract negative search results. Useful links include:

Are [they] allowed to share my criminal record?

Generally details of your criminal record should not be shared unless you’ve given your explicit consent. A useful link is:



Here you’ll find some of the common advice we give on the sharing of criminal records. This is based on what we’ve learnt as a charity, as well as the real-life experiences of people with convictions.

  • There are a number of ways that criminal records can be shared. This will often depend on what the criminal record is, and how widely available it is. Some of these ‘sharing’ systems are official (like criminal record checks), whereas others can be more informal (like friends telling others).


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Here you’ll find some specific questions that we regularly get about the sharing of criminal records and the answers we generally provide. More detailed FAQ’s may be included in the information pages above.

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Here you’ll find links to useful organisations and websites related to the sharing of criminal records that we refer to in our information and advice. Contact details for the organisations listed below can be found here.

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