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Here you’ll find links to various parts of this site where we have information and useful resources relating to other areas of life where criminal records come up, but which are not covered by the main information sections.

Can I go on a game show with a criminal record?

There is no legal reason why somebody with a criminal record shouldn’t be able to appear on a game show. However, you may want to consider any negative publicity this may attract. A useful link is:

I enjoy clay pigeon shooting. Is it possible to get a shotgun licence with a criminal record?

If you’ve received a prison sentence (including a suspended sentence), then you will be prohibited from owning a firearm for a certain period of time.  A useful link is:

Am I able to claim compensation as a victim of crime?

Yes but your eligibility will be reduced if you have an unspent conviction. A useful link is:

Where can i get help if I’m feeling depressed or anxious?

There is a lot of self help available but in more severe cases, you may need specialist help from your GP. A useful link is:



Here you’ll find some of the common advice we give on other areas of life. This is based on what we’ve learnt as a charity, as well as the real-life experiences of other people with convictions.

  • Legal advice – We have a number of links to searchable websites, specific organisations and useful resources.
  • Despite years of experience, we are regularly surprised by the different ways in criminal records can have an impact on someones life. We’re constantly looking to build on this section and the others on the site, so please contact us if there are any areas that you think we should cover. It will help us to help more people in the future.


Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find some specific questions that we regularly get about other areas of life and the answers we generally provide. More detailed FAQ’s may be included in the information pages above.

 A conviction would not result in a revocation of appointment.  Individuals are able to appoint whoever they think fit to act as their Executor.

It may be that a beneficiary of the deceased’s could challenge the appointment on the basis of historical conduct but this would be a matter for them to take up.


Here you’ll find links to useful organisations and websites related to other areas of life where criminal records come up that we refer to in our information and advice. Contact details for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority can also be found here.

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