This page acts as the index for the information we have on this site for people with convictions.

For people with convictions

This site (theInformationHub) is specifically designed to provide self-help information for people with convictions.

Each of the links below will take you to a page with information, advice, FAQ’s and links on the specific subject. There are also useful links.

Top 10 things to know about criminal records – Key things people with convictions should know about criminal records
Understanding your criminal record – How can you find out your record?
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – Is it spent? What does spent mean?
Criminal record checks for employment – Including DBS (what was CRB), standard/enhanced checks, and basic checks
Disclosing to employers – Do you need to disclose? When and how should you disclose?
Looking for (and keeping) employment and volunteering – Approaches of specific professions, support getting into work
Insurance – Where can you get insurance? What do you need to disclose? Disclosing to existing insurers
Travelling abroad – What’s the impact of your criminal record when travelling overseas, travelling while on licence
Travelling to the US – Travelling under the Visa Waiver Program, applying for a visa from the US Embassy
Coming to (and staying in) the UK – Including right to remain and citizenship
Education – Universities, sources of funding
Housing – Housing associations, renting, mortgages
Other areas of life – Including going on game shows and getting compensation as a victim of crime
Information on the internet, online and through search engines like Google – Including reporting of criminal records in the media, internet search results and the right to be forgotten
Specific types of offences – Including motoring and sexual offences in particular


Downloads and materials – links to the downloads and materials we publish as part of our information and advice for people with convictions

Useful links

Important links – links split into different subjects, such as employment and housing, and links to organisations outside of England & Wales
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