Getting permission to travel abroad while on licence

It can be very difficult, while on licence, to get permission to travel abroad. It very much depends on the reasons why you need to travel, and how willing your Probation Area is to grant you permission.

Generally, we find that people get permission refused, so we were pleased when, a couple of weeks ago, we received a report from somebody who was granted permission, so we want to share this:

“My probation trust has just granted me permission to travel for business purposes. My application was for travel to The Netherlands, returning the same day (business meeting). My index offence is a s.20 wounding and I still have about 4 months of licence. I applied about 3 weeks ago and it took this long to get a decision (it went all the way up to the regional direction) and it took a bit of chasing from my end”

For more information, visit the Travelling abroad while on licence page.

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Christopher Stacey