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Visit theForum

You can visit theForum either as a member or a guest. However, you will need to become a member to contribute.

What is theForum

theForum is an online community for law-abiding people with convictions. It offers people with convictions the opportunity to:

  • take part in a positive, forward looking community
  • provide and receive information, advice and support about overcoming the stigma of a criminal record
  • share experiences and motivate others
  • highlight examples of bad practice relating to criminal records
  • help Unlock push for changes through its policy and campaign work

Find out more information about theForum

Download a leaflet about theForum.

Join theForum

To join, click the link below. Any details you provide are private and confidential, and will not be visible to any other users of theForum. All that will be visible is your display name (which you are able to choose).

Join theForum

Requests to join theForum are regularly checked and approved by Unlock. We have to check requests to make sure they are legitimate and not SPAM. Once your membership is approved, you will be sent an activation email. You will also be signed up to receive free email updates from Unlock (your can manage your preferences separately).

Terms of use

The terms of use set out the ‘rules’ that members should agree to abide by in order to use theForum.

Using theForum

We have a section designed to help you understand how to use theForum (and it also explains the terms of use).

Become an active forum contributor

We have active forum contributors to help us respond to questions, post news and discussions, and generally keep the forum running smoothly.

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