Our updated forum is now live – take a look!

Last April, we started work on updating our forum and we’re delighted to say that this in now available at forum.unlock.org.uk.

Although theForum may look different, it still delivers on the reasons why we set it up 8 years ago. It’s offers people with convictions the chance to:

  • Engage in a positive, peer-to-peer community
  • Provide and receive information, advice and support in overcoming the stigma of a criminal record
  • Share positive experiences and inspirational stories.

How might you benefit from updated theForum?

The members/supporters who responded to our survey wanted an updated forum to have a more modern look and be more user-friendly. Many felt that there should be no restrictions on the types of offences which could be discussed. We have taken all of these points on-board and incorporated them into the update.

theForum can:

  • Provide a supportive community which brings people together who have shared experiences to reduce social isolation
  • Offer you new ways of dealing with particular problems from people who’ve had similar personal experiences
  • Give you the opportunity to become better aware of new and hidden problems that people with convictions face and suggestions for overcoming them.

One of the key requirements of the updated forum was to open up discussion about sexual offences. There’s more about how we’ve done that here.

Starting to use updated forum

Resetting your password

As theForum has been migrated to a new platform, existing users who created an account prior to the 11th July 2016 will need to reset their password to login and use it.

To reset your password:

  1. Visit http://forum.unlock.org.uk/ResetPassword.aspx
  2. Enter your account email address. This will generate a reset password email to the email address you have supplied
  3. Click the unique link within the email you’ve been sent
  4. Submit a new password and save.

You’ll then be able to login using your existing email account address and your new password.

Frequently asked questions

It could be that the email has gone into your junk or spam folder, so have a look there.

If it hasn’t, then it’s more than likely that the email address you’ve provided is not the one which your forum account is registered to. Follow the instructions again using a different email address. If you continue to have difficulties, please email forum@unlock.org.uk.


Let us know what you think

So visit to check it out – we’re keen for feedback, so let us know what you think by emailing forum@unlock.org.uk.


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Debbie Sadler