‘Enforced subject access’ delays

The Ministry of Justice recently announced that the change to the Data Protection Act which makes enforced subject access a criminal offence has been delayed. It was originally meant to come into force on the 1st December 2014. It is now expected to commence early 2015.

As we understand it, the reason for the delay is a technical issue.

We will publish a further update once we have an implementation date.

Latest – 19/12/2014 – We’ve been informed that the technical encountered when finalising the introduction has now been resolved. Section 56 will now be commenced in March 2015. We don’t have a specific date as yet, but we’re expecting a further update, including the commencement date, in January 2015.
Latest – 16/02/2015 – This will be coming into force on the 10th March 2015. See here for more information.
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