Don’t assume that a criminal record will automatically stop you from working in prisons

Finding an open-minded employer who is keen to give you a job when you have a criminal record is never easy.

For many people, the answer to this is to try and work for an organisation involved in the criminal justice system. Many believe that their past will be looked upon more positively, whilst others feel that their own personal experience makes them want to ‘give something back’.

We’ve just published some new information on working in the criminal justice sector and prison vetting which looks at the type of vetting you might have to go through if your job involves going into a prison, and how your criminal record may impact on your chances of successfully getting security clearance.

Don’t assume that having a criminal record will stop you from doing this type of work. Your own experience together with your skills and knowledge mean that you’ll bring additional qualities to the role and make you an asset to any employer.

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Debbie Sadler