Do you know whether your cautions and/or convictions will be removed from your standard or enhanced DBS? Changes from 28 November

Today (28 November 2020) the long awaited changes to the rules on what is disclosed on (and removed from) standard and enhanced criminal record checks come into effect. This is something Unlock has campaigned for over seven years.

Today we’ve published updated guidance which explains the new rules. You can:

If you’re applying for a job that involves a standard or enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check, cautions or convictions that would be removed (filtered) won’t be included on your standard or enhanced certificate.

It’s thought that these changes will mean around 45,000 people a year will now have a clear standard or enhanced DBS check, although we know many more people have been put off applying in the past, so we think the number that benefit from these changes will be much higher, so it’s worth finding out whether you’ll be one of them.

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Debbie Sadler