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In using the Disclosure Calculator, you agree to these terms of use.

All users


The Calculator operates using the rehabilitation periods as they apply in England & Wales. Contacts for the law in other countries can be found here.

Data protection

The Calculator operates in line with our privacy policy. This sets out how we handle the data that we collect.

Any information you provide when using the Calculator will not be shared with a third-party or used by us for marketing purposes.


This tool is reliant on the information inputted. Whilst every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure that this tool functions in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness, and any liability is expressly excluded and disclaimed by Unlock. If you propose taking further action based on the results of this tool, you are strongly advised to consider obtaining specific professional or legal advice before doing so.

Personal users

A personal user is any individual with a criminal record who is enquiring about their own criminal record, or a friend/family member who is enquiring on their behalf.

Practitioner users

Practitioner users are individuals working for service-delivery organisations that provide support to people with a criminal record.

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