This page is used to keep a track of the technical elements to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act that we are awaiting clarification from the Ministry of Justice on. This is a useful reference when reading our updated guidance or using our Disclosure Calculator. We’ve also set out some pending improvements we’ll be making to the Calculator in due course (see below).

We will be adding to this page based on the queries that we receive, and providing updates as and when we have them. If you think you can help us to understand these issues, please contact us.

Outstanding queries

[None at present]

Pending improvements to the Calculator

Allow community orders to run from the date of sentence (at the moment, these run from date of conviction) – currently, users are advised to enter the date of sentence when they’ve been given a community order.

Where the further conviction is only a ‘disqualification, disability, prohibition or other penalty’, not to drag earlier convictions with it

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