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Christopher is the Co-director of Unlock. All posts by Christopher on this site can be found here.

What types of offences are eligible for filtering?

Since the introduction of filtering in mid-2013, our helpline has been constantly asked “is my conviction or caution eligible for filtering?” In some ways, this has been an easy to identify. When was it? Is it your only conviction? How old were you at the time? However, where things have been tricky is when it […]

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Updates to DBS filtering process

December has seen a couple of updates from the Disclosure & Barring Service regarding the filtering process. Nothing has substantially changed – it’s simply that the DBS are trying to improve the way that they’re explaining how the filtering process works. So what has changed? Firstly, the DBS has updated their list of offences that […]

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Update to list of motor insurers

We’ve made some minor updates to the list of motor insurers. In particular, we’ve added the details of More Than. As well as asking about motor convictions, they only ask about convictions relating to fraud or dishonesty. They don’t seem to give a definition to these two phrases, so if in doubt, you should check […]

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Getting permission to travel abroad while on licence

It can be very difficult, while on licence, to get permission to travel abroad. It very much depends on the reasons why you need to travel, and how willing your Probation Area is to grant you permission. Generally, we find that people get permission refused, so we were pleased when, a couple of weeks ago, […]

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Successes in getting visas to travel to the US

As part of our attempts to make sure this Hub reflects the genuine experiences of people with convictions, we want to make sure that were highlighting some key examples which we think are relevant to people making use of this site One particular update that we’ve made today is to include a couple of positive […]

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Launch of

Today, we’re announcing the launch of, our brand new online Information Hub. It aims to be the country’s most comprehensive source of online self-help information on wide range of issues that criminal convictions can affect. The site builds on the information we’ve had on our main website for a number of years. We’ve wanted […]

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New guide – Unlocking Criminal Record Checks

On a daily basis, our helpline gets calls from people who are applying for work and don’t know where they stand because of criminal record checks that (increasingly) employers are carrying out. A couple of years ago, we approached the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service – known as the CRB at that time) and raised […]

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DBS Update Service and One Certificate

Today, we’ve published a brief guide which explains some of the changes that the DBS has introduced this week. The Update Service is a new subscription service lets you keep your DBS certificate up-to-date so you can take it with you when you move jobs or roles. The employer can then carry out free, online, […]

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Changes to insurance disclosure

The reason for this update is to let you know of some changes to insurance disclosure, which came into force in April 2013, which should help many people with convictions. We updated the guidance on our website at the time, but to raise awareness of this, we thought we’d send around an e-update as well! […]

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