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Christopher is the Co-director of Unlock. All posts by Christopher on this site can be found here.

Ministry of Justice Employment Strategy – Feed in your views

We’re pleased to see that the Prisons Minister, Sam Gyimah, is developing an employment strategy and exploring ways to increase the number of employers giving opportunities to people with convictions. This is your opportunity to shape the development of government policy! Complete our survey. As part of the development of their strategy, the Ministry of […]

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Opportunity – Are you affected by a criminal record from your youth? Opportunity to share your story with MP’s

As part of the Justice Committee inquiry into the disclosure of youth criminal records, we’re taking a small group of people to Westminster to share their personal stories with MP’s on the Committee. It’s a really good opportunity to make sure that the Committee hears from people with personal experience of living with a criminal […]

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Trustee or senior manager of a charity and have convictions? Are you affected by the Charities Act 2016?

People with convictions play an important role in many charities, particularly those working in the criminal justice sector. Becoming a trustee or leading a charity as part of the senior management team are important roles that people with convictions should be encouraged to take on, and we know it can provide people with a positive […]

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Are you affected by the online publication of your spent convictions? Possible legal remedies

If you have a spent conviction and are suffering reputational harm or distress as a result of material about that conviction being published online and/or which features in online searches against your name, legal remedies may be available. The publication of an item, article or link which refers to a spent conviction and identifies the […]

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New website for employers

Yesterday we launched a unique website to encourage and support companies to recruit people with criminal records. Over 10.5 million people in the UK have a criminal record and many face stigma and discrimination when applying for work, despite having put the past behind them. Unlock’s work with employers over many years has highlighted the significant […]

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Help us to scrap ‘disqualification by association’: The government are consulting on changes to the childcare disqualification arrangements

Ever since ‘disqualification by association’ (DbA) hit the headlines about 18 months ago, we have been working to try and scrap the regulations that have had a significant and unnecessary impact on the partners of those with a criminal record. Earlier this month, the Department for Education (DfE) published a consultation with proposals for change. […]

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Got a criminal record? Ever had difficulties finding employment?

If so, we want to hear from you – fill out our short survey! The Centre for Entrepreneurs and Unlock are working together to better understand the role of entrepreneurship in supporting people with criminal records. We know that finding employment with a criminal record can be a struggle, and we are interested in exploring […]

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Filtering process brought in for Scotland

Last week, the Scottish Government announced details of a process that will apply to Standard and Enhanced checks that are issued by Disclosure Scotland. The process started on the 10th September 2015. This process will remove certain convictions and cautions from these types of disclosures.It’s similar to the filtering process that the Disclosure & Barring […]

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Help us create digital stories

As part of our policy and campaign work, we always have to make the case for why people with convictions should be treated fairly. An effective way of doing this is by using real stories and voices that are rarely heard. That’s why we’re looking for volunteers to help us with some work we’re doing […]

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