Applying for work through recruitment agencies

With so many employers advertising temporary and permanent jobs through recruitment agencies, we’ve published some new information, applying for work through a recruitment agency.

As agencies only get paid once they’ve placed a successful applicant with an employer, some agencies may be tempted to weed out anybody who has disclosed a criminal record to them. It’s important to understand therefore how and when you should disclose.

Our new information also lists some recruitment agencies who deal specifically with helping people with convictions back into work. In addition to the usual range of services offered by an agency, they can often assist you in putting a CV together, preparing you for interviews and offering advice around disclosing your criminal record. Some, like Working Chance, also seek to change the attitudes of employers towards people with a criminal record.

However, don’t limit yourself to only signing up with these specialists. Most agencies will have exclusive access to jobs which you would not be able to find through online searches. You might only be looking for an introduction to these companies, and securing a job will be down to how well you can sell yourself to the employer.


For more information

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Debbie Sadler