‘Turings Law’ takes effect to posthumously pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men


We were pleased to hear the Justice Secretary, Sam Gyimah, announce yesterday that thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted of sexual offences which have now been abolished (decriminalised) have been posthumously pardoned. This pardoning has become known as ‘Turings Law’ after Alan Turing, a World-War Two code breaker often referred to as ‘the father […]

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Opportunity – Are you affected by a criminal record from your youth? Opportunity to share your story with MP’s


As part of the Justice Committee inquiry into the disclosure of youth criminal records, we’re taking a small group of people to Westminster to share their personal stories with MP’s on the Committee. It’s a really good opportunity to make sure that the Committee hears from people with personal experience of living with a criminal […]

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Were the effects of accepting a caution explained to you? Send us a copy of what you were given

Police Station

Our helpline receives enquiries every day from individuals who have accepted cautions without feeling like they understand the effects of it. The Home Office guidance on cautions states that ‘the significance of the admission of guilt in agreeing to accept a caution must be fully and clearly explained to the individual before they are cautioned.’ […]

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What do you do if you receive a conviction whilst in employment?

Court image

Most of our information around disclosing to employers looks at how to disclose details of an existing criminal record when you’re applying for work. However, what happens if you receive a caution or conviction when you’ve already got a job? We’ve produced some new information on receiving a criminal record whilst you’re in employment, which […]

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