Working abroad and the use of Police Certificates

Police-Certificate picture

Many people who have a criminal record consider moving abroad as a way to ‘escape’ their past and improve their chances of employment. People looking to emigrate to countries such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Caymen Islands, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA have always needed to apply to the National Police Chiefs’ Council […]

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Getting permission to travel abroad while on licence


It can be very difficult, while on licence, to get permission to travel abroad. It very much depends on the reasons why you need to travel, and how willing your Probation Area is to grant you permission. Generally, we find that people get permission refused, so we were pleased when, a couple of weeks ago, […]

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Successes in getting visas to travel to the US


As part of our attempts to make sure this Hub reflects the genuine experiences of people with convictions, we want to make sure that were highlighting some key examples which we think are relevant to people making use of this site One particular update that we’ve made today is to include a couple of positive […]

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