Applying for work through recruitment agencies

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With so many employers advertising temporary and permanent jobs through recruitment agencies, we’ve published some new information, applying for work through a recruitment agency. As agencies only get paid once they’ve placed a successful applicant with an employer, some agencies may be tempted to weed out anybody who has disclosed a criminal record to them. […]

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Overcoming the problems of dealing with the Jobcentre

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Our helpline often receives calls from people with convictions who are desperate to get back into work but run into difficulties when dealing with the Jobcentre. Some examples of the types of problems we hear about are: Jobcentre advisors who have little or no understanding of criminal records, criminal record checks, the Rehabilitation of Offenders […]

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What’s the best way to explain gaps in your CV?

Mind the gap

It can be your worst nightmare when you’re sat in an interview and asked this question: Can you explain this gap in your CV People have gaps in their CV’s for a number of reasons, but for people with a criminal record, this often comes about because of time spent in prison or having lost […]

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How do you answer this – “Have you ever been dismissed or subject to disciplinary action?’”


We recently heard from someone who, about 5 years ago, was dismissed from his job for gross misconduct following a criminal conviction, even though the offence was committed outside of work. Fortunately, he found another job almost immediately and has worked there ever since. Although he enjoys the work and has been promoted a couple of times, […]

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Getting a reference from a previous employer

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Once you’ve been offered a job and satisfied yourself that nothing is going to be disclosed on your basic criminal record check, the next hurdle you may need to overcome is getting a reference from your previous employer. If you’ve not worked for a while (perhaps because you’ve been serving a prison sentence) or if […]

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Looking for ‘friendly’ employers


A criminal conviction doesn’t have to be the end of your career but many people with convictions feel anxious about disclosing details of their past fearing that they will be judged and discriminated against. For many people, knowing that an employer is ‘friendly’ towards people with convictions helps them to apply for jobs with more […]

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