Moving on: Disclosing criminal convictions to prospective employers – when and how?


This month, we’ve written another article for Inside Times ‘Through the Gate’ section which focuses on disclosing criminal convictions to prospective employers if you’re about to leave prison. A copy of the article can be found below. I’m just about to leave prison and I’m worried about disclosing my conviction to potential employers; are there […]

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What’s the best way to explain gaps in your CV?

Mind the gap

It can be your worst nightmare when you’re sat in an interview and asked this question: Can you explain this gap in your CV People have gaps in their CV’s for a number of reasons, but for people with a criminal record, this often comes about because of time spent in prison or having lost […]

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How do you answer this – “Have you ever been dismissed or subject to disciplinary action?’”


We recently heard from someone who, about 5 years ago, was dismissed from his job for gross misconduct following a criminal conviction, even though the offence was committed outside of work. Fortunately, he found another job almost immediately and has worked there ever since. Although he enjoys the work and has been promoted a couple of times, […]

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What do you do if you receive a conviction whilst in employment?

Court image

Most of our information around disclosing to employers looks at how to disclose details of an existing criminal record when you’re applying for work. However, what happens if you receive a caution or conviction when you’ve already got a job? We’ve produced some new information on receiving a criminal record whilst you’re in employment, which […]

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New ‘information series’ – ‘Disclosing to employers’


Today, we’ve published a dedicated information series focused on disclosing to employers. Each part of the series is designed to be brief and simple, summarising the key issues and providing links to more information on the Hub. They’re all available to download as PDF documents, and they’re listed below. Links are also available on the new […]

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