Training opportunities

This is for information only.  We are unable to provide advice on this.  For reasons why, click here.


There are a range of organisations that provide training services that people with convictions in the community may find helpful. Sadly, it’s not possible for us to list them all on this page, but we do draw attention to some specific organisations that we have come across in the past that do some particularly useful work.

With regards to employment, you should also see the Support getting into work section of the Hub.

Useful organisations

UR4Driving is an innovative Big Lottery funded project which aims to reduce recidivism by improving employability and enhancing life skills. The annual target is for 30 ex-offenders to obtain a driving licence. In return for being taught to drive applicants must commit to 80 hours of voluntary work in the UR4Meals FoodBank. They help to collect the surplus food donated to UR4Meals to feed the homeless and, when they can, they share this food with other organisations who feed the needy. This provides ex-offenders with the experience of being both helped and being a helper.

Restore Trust provides skills, qualifications and confidence to ex-offenders and the unemployed to help them into work.


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