Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) / Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND)

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Who is it issued by and how can I contact them?

FPN’s are issued by various enforcement agencies, including the police.

PND’s are issued by the police – contact the administering force. Police community support officers and accredited officers also have powers to issue PND’s.

Does it involve guilt?

No – there is a suspended enforcement period during which you can choose either to pay the penalty or to go to court.

Is it recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC)?

Yes (if it relates to a recordable offence). A facility is available on the PNC which allows an entry to be recorded which does not constitute a ‘criminal record’ but is accessible for police information.

Is it classed as a conviction?

No, but the information is still kept on the PNC. Acceptance and payment of a PND discharges all liability for that offence.

How long will it be on my record?

Although a PND does not result in a criminal record, the information can still be used in the civil context of an ASBO application.

When does it become spent?


When do I have to declare it?

It is not covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and, so when asked, it must be disclosed. It is rare for employers and others to ask about PND’s.

Is it disclosed on DBS checks?

Not on a standard check. It does not fall under the definition of a ‘relevant matter’ so would not be automatically released on a DBS certificate

It might be as part of an enhanced check (under ‘other relevant information‘) if deemed ‘relevant’ i.e. if the offence has a bearing on the kind of work you are applying for.

What guidance is there on fair process?

Do I have the right to appeal and what is the process?

If you receive a PND your only right of appeal is in court. If the appeal is rejected you might end up with a higher fine and a criminal record – seeking legal advice is recommended before you decide to appeal.

What are the implications for life in the community?

As it is not a conviction and doesn’t result in a criminal record it should not affect your banking, housing, insurance etc. It may impact on future employment which involves an enhanced level check.

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  • Sandra

    My PND payment was declined on line called ticket office to pay fine and was told that in this instance there was a problem they said it looked like it was a reissue ticket and they could not accept payment, that is over 3 months ago, I have not heard from police since. I don’t know how to proceed

  • Jo Farrell

    If you challenge a PND and want to go to court, how long should it take to hear about this? Can it take longer than a year? If you don’t hear anything for over a year does this mean it has been ‘dismissed’?

  • Geoff.

    Let’s get a few things clear; A PND (once paid) does not give you a criminal record but it does give you a police record for life and most employers treat it as being the same. Yes, many employers DO take note of PNDs. Yes, a PND record CAN wreck your career or get you the sack. Yes in a way a PND is a life sentence. It is the most draconian and extremist ticket fine system in the EC and probably the world. (Youth worker)

  • Anna

    I received a fine from the police 10 years ago after a silly regrettable incident while out with friends. While rather under the influence of alcohol I walked in to the back of a police van and demanded to be taken home! When the unimpressed police officer removed me from the van my comment of him were shamefully not very polite! He arrested me and I was put into custody over night. I was issued this fine under section 5 of the public order act and paid it the following day. Since this time I have settled down had a family. I have been offered the opportunity to work in my son’s school as a volunteer, which I would love to do as I wish to retrain as a teaching assistant, but have been told they will need to do a DBS check. I believe that this will be with me for life on my record do I need to declare it and will it show on my DBS record? I now live in a small village and do not wish this to become public knowledge.