Many people come out of the criminal justice system alone, feeling isolated and vulnerable.

The role of mentors, and particularly peer mentors, has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, and these services are increasingly being offered to people who are in prison, as they are released, and while they are serving a sentence in the community.As this is a growing area for services, this page draws attention to how you can find out more about mentoring, and how you may be able to find a mentor, if you would like one.

Likewise, if you’re somebody who has a passion for helping people, you might want be interested in becoming a mentor, as it’s a good way to your own personal experiences as a positive.

Search for (or become) a mentor

The justmentoring hub is an interactive marketplace bringing together everyone interested in developing quality mentoring services e.g., criminal justice agencies, potential commissioners of services, mentoring providers, volunteers and people with an offending background who are interested in finding a mentor or becoming a volunteer mentor themselves.


justmentoring makes it easier to make contact with each other, broker partnerships and encourage access to quality mentoring services so that all prisoners find a mentor on release and offenders on probation can access mentoring support.

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