List of motor insurers

Help us – As part of our policy work we’re working on stopping the sharing of spent motoring convictions by the DVLA


  • We have been developing access to fair insurance for people with convictions since 2000.
  • Since then we have worked hard to make it easier for you to get genuine cover at a fair price.
  • Unlock is an independent charity, and so we do not provide insurance directly. We are not FCA regulated and so we’re not able to provide specific insurance advice.
  • We have published below a list of motor insurers.
  • The list is based on the feedback we’ve received from clients who have obtained insurance from mainstream providers of motor insurance.
  • It should be read alongside our guidance on insurance and convictions, and the list of insurance brokers.

Advice on using the list

  • Since April 2013, for personal insurance, if the company doesn’t ask you about convictions, you do not have to tell them
  • Many motor insurance companies ask about non-motoring convictions. Where they do, even if you think it’s not relevant, you must disclose (although only what is unspent)
  • However, some mainstream insurance companies do not ask about non-motoring convictions (remember to check any assumptions or terms/conditions of cover)
  • So long as your convictions don’t fall within the questions that the company are asking, you do not have to tell them.
  • The list contains details of some of the major personal motor insurance providers who do not ask about non-motoring convictions (unless otherwise stated)

If you find that any of the details are incorrect, or have suggestions of further additions to this list, please let us know by emailing

In the majority of cases, details of any motoring offences can be found on your driving licence. After a certain time, they may not appear your driving licence as they may have been removed by the DVLA. However if the company asks, you must declare all offences in the past five years, even if they have been removed from your licence.

“I have struggled for many years trying to get adequate insurance at an affordable price, this has been almost an impossible mission, so the latest changes in legislation, and not having to disclose unspent convictions, is a breath of fresh air and has reduced the cost significantly.

When searching, I have to be mindful of declaring my unspent conviction. However, I came across Diamond Car Insurance for Women and using the ABI Guidelines, I was able to secure pretty much the lowest insurance policy I could find. They don’t ask for any non-motoring convictions on their website quote generator and when I contacted them to go over the details, they did not ask on the phone.

I have looked through the policy schedule and there are no assumptions. I have looked through all the paperwork and there seems to be no indication of non-motoring convictions mentioned.

This may be useful to any females using the site or to males looking at being named drivers on relative’s cars.”

Download: List of motor insurers [PDF]


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  • chas

    Hello all, the above information regarding car insurance, is no longer correct. Admiral ask the question if you have any criminal convictions on their online quotation matrix, so please be aware. It annoys me that these insurance companies are so invasive. There only concern should be car related eg: Accident claims or points on license.

  • Thanks chas. From what you say, Admiral have changed their question. We’ll look into that and update our information. Thanks.

  • chas

    My pleasure, and thanks for the advice and supporting information you provide. I got my insurance with Co-Op.
    Rgds Chas

  • Tony S

    I’ve just taken my insurance with admiral I told them I had a none spent criminal conviction but they didn’t ask what it was for where do I stand with that also have phone call recorded

  • Debbie – Unlock

    Hi Tony

    As you can see from the comments above, in the past, Admiral didn’t ask about criminal convictions only motoring convictions.

    We would recommend that once you’ve received the policy documents from Admiral you check what they’ve recorded about your criminal record and raise any discrepancies with them.

    You might want to have a look on theForum to find out what other people’s experiences of Admiral has been –

  • Debbie – Unlock

    That’s good to hear Tony. Always worth checking the policy documents to make sure that there’s nothing in the small print. At least you can feel confident now that you haven’t missed anything and that you are fully covered.