List of insurance brokers


  • We have been developing access to fair insurance for people with convictions since 2000. Since then we have worked hard to make it easier for you to get genuine cover at a fair price.
  • Unlock is an independent charity, and so we do not provide insurance directly. We are not FCA regulated and so we’re not able to provide specific insurance advice.
  • The list provides details of a number of insurance brokers that provide specialist insurance to people with convictions
  • The list sits alongside guidance on insurance and convictions and a list of motor insurers for those with non-motoring convictions.

Advice on using the list

All of the companies on the list have confirmed to Unlock that they:

  1. Do not require individuals to disclose spent criminal record information (in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974)
  2. Are able to offer individuals, on request, written confirmation of the information they have disclosed regarding criminal conviction


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  • allan*

    I fully disclosed my conviction a by law and for insurance 3rd party fire theft they demanded 866.20, I said it was outrageous, a guy on straight and narrow minimum wage (as I’d actually gained work) they said that is the best they could offer even over 2 days discussion and called me back 3 hours later than they specified and caused serious problems at work. 866.20 pounds for a 124cc moped for a year and I’d spent 300 on cbt and clothing not to mention parts and servicing for the vehicle to get it back to road worthiness. Why? may as well quit and get back inside it’s cheaper.

  • Bachman

    I’m with Admiral for my car insurance. They didn’t ask about non-motoring convictions, unsure I even got a friend to ring them and ask, they confirmed they didn’t need to know. My car insurance is £490 fully comprehensive with 2 years NCD, but with an at fault accident in the past 12 months. Granted this is on multi-car and my wife is a named driver but I’m not complaining one bit. Aviva wanted nearly £1000, they can go jump on their high horse.
    Household insurance was more of a pain, near all ask about convictions. That said I was able to get building and contents for around £400 this year, probably double what it would be without convictions. If you commit a crime (like I did), I expect to pay more but it’s a small price in comparison to my freedom.