• minnette

    i ve got cautions ive had a tag for a few monthes so when applying for jobs it says any convictions do you have to submit it on application form

  • Calvin Lloyd Adams

    Conviction that are spent can’t be used against someone in a work unless. Employer has asked for them or the is reason for them to know there previous. Can’t think of the word but it some where on the lines of evading her privacy.

  • Hussnain

    How can I find out when my convictions will be become unspent and won’t show on my Basic Disclosure?

  • Nicole Harflett

    I’m really unsure, I got a community order in May 2016! Does this count as a criminal conviction and do I need to declare it on my car insurance?? It brings it up by about £900 !

  • Marianne Williams

    I have shop lifting charges that are 33 years old and have never been in trouble with the law since…..do I have to tell prospective employers about my past……. also is there a way I can have that record sealed without applying for a Canadian pardon