Community Resolution Order

This is for information only.  We are unable to provide advice on this.  For reasons why, click here.


Who is it issued by and how can I contact them?

Issued by the police – contact the administering force.

Does it involve guilt?

Yes – you have to make a clear and reliable admission.

Is it recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC)?

Yes (if it relates to a recordable offence).  A facility is available on the PNC which allows an entry to be recorded which does not constitute a ‘criminal record’ but is accessible for police information.

Is it classed as a conviction?


How long will it be on my record?

Although a community resolution order does not result in a criminal record, the information can still be used and taken into consideration if further offences are committed.

When does it become spent?


When do I have to declare it?

It isn’t a caution or a conviction, so isn’t formally covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Is it disclosed on DBS checks?

Not on a standard check.

It might be disclosed as part of an enhanced check in the ‘relevant information’ section, i.e. the offence has a bearing on the kind of work you are applying for.  However, in our experience it is rare for community resolution orders to be disclosed in the ‘other relevant information’ section.

Do I have the right to appeal and what is the process?

There is no formal process for rescinding a community resolution order once it has been administered.  If you wish to complain about the decision or how the case was handled you need to make a complaint to the Chief Constable or Commissioner of the administering force.

Each police force should be willing to receive requests for community resolution orders to be ‘expunged’ as part of their ownership as Data Controllers of the PNC.  However, this is only done in exceptional circumstances, particularly where a significant amount of time has passed since receiving the community resolution order.

Other information

A ‘community resolution’ resolves a minor offence or anti-social behaviour incident through informal agreement between the parties involved, as opposed to progression through the traditional criminal justice process.

It is primarily aimed at first time offenders where:-

  • there has been an admission of guilt
  • the victims views have been taken into account

Community resolution allows police officers to make decisions about how to deal more proportionately with low-level crime.

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  • humble

    I am a registered nurse and was given a community resolution intervention for accidentally walking out of shop without paying for some vitamin tablets, which I admitted too and paid. Do I need to be concerned about my next DBS check. Should I say something now. I have never done anything wrong before.

  • NHS employee

    I can tell you…with relief
    It won’t come up
    You’ll be ok

  • G

    Does this stop you from attending jury service?

  • Red

    I was given a community resolution intervention for accidentally walking out of shop without paying for some Stress/ kalm tablets, which I admitted too. I was extremely tired on this day had been in hospital with my son all evening.
    i was not on the right framed of mind as had so much worry on my mind. i offered to pay for them but the security guard insisted on calling the police. The security guard refused to listen to me, called me a liar. I never done anything like this before.any way i have a yearly CRB CHECK for my job
    will this come ?.Also my sister getting married next year in American will to need to disclose this.

    Finally i told the security Guard at the store and police where i worked. They wont disclose this my employer.
    p.s i feel so stupid, i never done anything wrong in my life. i have one moment of terrible judgement. i totally admit it was my mistakes. But i just hope this won’t haunt me for the rest of my life.
    Thanyou for reading this xxx

  • gavin j Clark

    Hi guys, i need some advie please, i was with my partner for 4 yrs and we split up. i was a nurse and under a lot of stress and drepression, when we split in april there was a huge argument. and i left the house and went away for a while. when i came back to my parents in lowestoft i was contacted by the police, her son my 16yr step son had made a allegation. that i shoved him and hurt him unitentially. and left a red mark on his shoulder.
    i do not remember this at all, all i remember is a row and disarming him from a knife. any way i volunterred to go to the police station and interviewd and let go was not arrested or charged, and waited weeks and weeks for a outcome. any way was given a restorative justice thing and was told it lower than a caution etc etc etc and not a conviction. they said i would have to disclose it and would or may appear on a enhanced dbs.
    but talking to various people including the police i can not get a deffinative answer.
    will the restorative justice show up on the enhanced dbs as i am worried and trying to get a job back in nursing and get my life back on track. like a mug i accepted everything and now worrying.
    my ex is back with my step sons biological father. he is not the dad of her daughter tho
    please help

  • Lilybella

    I was given a community resolution not long ago, after i was pressured to rob a lipstick for a friend from boots, one that i already had, I was in a very bad place after one of my dear friends had died of cancer and my nan who I’m very close with was also undergoing major treatment for a lung cancer sarcoma, I was extremely depressed and suffered with my eating disorder at the time. I had managed to get myself into the wrong crowd and made a huge mistake, I am afraid this will stop me from getting a job, I am nearly 16 and really want to get a job at Starbucks in December after my birthday and I just hope this won’t stop or get in the way, I was told that it wasn’t on a record it is just under notes and it will go by the time I am 18 but I am scared this will haunt me for the rest of my life. 😔

  • Red

    My Advice is to apply for a Subject access report. It cost £10 this clearly outlines what the information is held on there Police natonal Computer.
    If on the this report it discloses the Community Order. It will definitely come on a Enhanced check additional information.
    Everything is read about the police seem to leave a grey area about if disclose it or not . It not very clwar one states may be disvlosed if they feel it relevant the chef of police will disclose it. Other sites state it will.
    I think the subject access report is the best option to find out .

  • rebecca

    Hi,did the restorative of justice come up on your enhanced crb? and if so did it prove a problem with your nursing?