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What is theCalculator?

theCalculator is a web tool that can be used to find out when a criminal record becomes spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (ROA).

The need to interpret complex legislation means that many people with a criminal record do not benefit from their legal rights under the ROA, making it harder for them to reintegrate into society. Professionals and organisations working with people with a criminal record can find it difficult to find out when their clients record becomes spent, particularly for clients with multiple convictions.

theCalculator makes it simple for you to calculate when somebody’s criminal record becomes ‘spent’ and no longer needs to be disclosed under the ROA (e.g. to employers and insurers), removing the discrimination which acts as a barrier to successful reintegration.

Multiple-use accounts

You are no longer required to set up multiple-use accounts to use theCalculator if you are a practitioner or organisation. It is free of charge and:

  1. Many service-delivery organisations that provide support to people with convictions use theCalculator and embed it into the support they provide to individuals
  2. Employers use theCalculator to ensure that they are not taking into account convictions that are spent when they are making recruitment decisions.

Feedback from users

“This is a really excellent tool. Our staff used to have to spend a lot of time understanding the Act and working out spent dates for each client. The calculator saves us a lot of time and reduces the risk of human error” Resettlement services provider

“We use the tool to make sure we’re not taking into account any spent convictions that an applicant might accidentally disclose to us” HR Manager


We have frequently asked questions about theCalculator.

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