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  • Our main site - Latest news, policy work, training
  • theCalculator - Work out when convictions are spent
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  • Frequently asked questions:

    1. What do I need to know about my criminal record?
    Read our Top 10 things to know about your criminal record.

    2. Is my conviction/caution spent?
    Use our disclosure calculator or read our guidance on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act including our ‘is it spent’ poster.

    3. Will my conviction/caution be disclosed on a basic check?
    Read our simple guide on what is disclosed on a basic check.

    4. What types of jobs involve criminal record checks?
    Read our information on the types of criminal record checks and the eligibility for standard and enhanced checks.

    5. Will my caution/conviction be disclosed on a standard/enhanced DBS check? Or will it be filtered?
    Read our simple guide on the DBS filtering process, using our flow-chart to help you to work this out.

    6. How can I find out the details of my criminal record?
    Get a subject access request from the police.

    7. I need to get insurance – where can I go?
    Read our guidance, download our list of insurance brokers (for home insurance) and list of motor insurers (if you've got non-motoring convictions only).

    8. Does my record stop me from going to the United States?
    Read our simple guide or detailed guide to see if you can travel as normal or whether you have to apply for a visa.